"I first started seeing Emma due to being diagnosed with PCOS and wanting to start our family - which didn't seem to be happening on its own. Emma empowered me with taking charge of my own body, by understanding how my lifestyle and what I eat affected me and my cycle, as well as prescribing herbs and supplements to assist with the process. Each appointment meant I walked away knowing a little bit more and understood how each prescription was contributing to my treatment due to Emma's patient explanations. Nearly six years later, I'm nearly due with my third child. All conceived naturally to the surprise of many, but my time with Emma has ensured that I know ways of keeping my PCOS under control." Kylie. 
"I first met Emma when I took both my daughters to see her, in her capacity as a Naturopath in 2013. She had been highly recommended by an educator at my daughters' kindergarten and we had reached a point where we were at the end of our tether with gut and skin issues and generally "sick of being sick". I suspected allergies and intolerances as the underlying culprit and sought Emma's expertise in these areas. At the time, my youngest had blistering skin, ulcers and infections on her foot and the eldest suffered chronic, debilitating abdominal pain and bowel bleeds. I found Emma not only to be very knowledgeable in her field but particularly good with her rapport with children, instantly winning over my girls who came to adore her. Here began a long journey we are still undertaking with Emma by our side. She has given us advice and provided us with remedies, guidance, compassion, understanding and support along our journey and I would not hesitate to recommend her (and in fact frequently do) to anyone in need of a great naturopath, mentor, and natural health guide." Sue. 
"I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Emma a few years ago, and found her to be the complete package as a naturopath.  Her level of knowledge is very extensive leaving you very confident that she is looking after you.  Emma radiates calmness, sincerity and a genuine willingness to help. I would highly recommend her as a complete holistic practitioner". Katrina.

"Our family were regular patients of Emma during her time as a naturopath at Natremed in Shepparton, up until she & her family moved to Melbourne. We found Emma always friendly, caring & knowledgeable. Our ages ranged from pre-teen, late teens to twenties, thirties, fifties, sixties & eighties! Emma was well qualified & very able to help each of us with our individual needs, & certainly did so. Emma’s knowledge of naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition & pharmaceuticals & their interactions was remarkable. Some of our health issues over the years included menopause, depression, stress related conditions/illnesses, skin rashes & infections, thyroid problems, ross river fever, glandular fever, influenza, bronchitis, arthritis, crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, side effects from pharmaceutical drugs. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Emma, a genuine, big-hearted young woman who has great empathy, understanding & wisdom & is very passionate about supporting & helping us to be as healthy as can be. We greatly appreciate all her help & encouragement over the years." Lindy, Gerard and family.