Emma has been a passionate and enthusiastic clinical Naturopath and Herbalist since 2008. The first six years in a large multi-modality clinic in regional Victoria called Natremed, and since then in Melbourne. Her experience is in working with all ages of individuals from the newly conceived to the elderly. She has also presented on many wellbeing topics to professional groups, school children and social clubs as well as facilitating regular cooking classes.

Her passion is in establishing connections with people and their health stories, so that together solutions can be found. Emma loves working with families and encouraging them to use food, home grown remedies, relaxation and human connection as their medicine. As a Naturopath she also prescribes nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and flower essence remedies to address underlying causes of disease. She additionally incorporates the nurturing treatment of herbal foot baths into consultations. All prescriptions are made by Emma and chosen specifically for your health concerns.

Emma became interested in natural medicine after a long period of her own ill health. Her passion for natural therapies grew from a love of the philosophy. Each aspect of the body is understood to be connected and must remain balanced to achieve wellness.  She is now a mother of two, and has a deep appreciation for the needs of families. Just like many other Mums she is juggling the laundry, meal preparation and planning, meaningful time with her kids, connection with her husband, reading the book she started 6 months ago and having a shower on her own. Caring for herself and her family with food, herbs, sunshine, daily movement and nutritional remedies helps them to stay well and flourishing. She is a creative person who enjoys sewing, knitting, gardening and cooking and brings this creativity to her way of thinking about health and prescribing. She truly lives the lifestyle she prescribes.

Emma has a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from Endeavour College of Natural Health. She combines this formal training with her clinical experience, as well as other eclectic studies alchemy, astrology, munay ki, traditional Chinese feng shui and yoga.

She is a supporter of natural birth, and women having the right to choose where, how and with whom to birth.  She is also passionate about breastfeeding, gentle parenting, preconception health, healthy pregnancy, and supporting families in the early months of parenting. She has extensive experience treating recurrent infections and enjoys working with babies, children, teenagers and their immunity. She also works daily with the effects of stress and poor digestion.

Over the years of being with patients, she has come to see her work as deeply privileged. Emma has met many beautiful people who have shaped her outlook on life. She looks forward to watching your body find balance, so you too can flourish.